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Online casino games are fun – we all know that. But in almost all casino sites, you play against the computer. Computers deal the cards, a script turns the wheel of the slot machine… Again, it is fun but nothing beats the thrill of a real “opponent”. Playing in a live casino is the most satisfying version of online gambling, it is almost similar to playing in a land-based casino! Dealers are real, actual human beings and the games are played in real time – no software needed. Playing in a live casino puts you into the middle of the action, where the real excitement is. Your entire room turns into a land-based casino, what more a player can ask for? And before you ask – yes, dealers are still sexy as hell.

The thing is, finding a world-class online casino with a professional background is a hard job – finding a live casino with these merits is harder. Search engines are helpful to list all of the websites with casino games, but when it comes to recommending one, not much. An online casino, especially a live casino site must meet some requirements: A respectful name in the industry, lots of bonuses, a trustworthy payment system and a staff ready to help 7/24. Unfortunately, most of the live casino websites cannot live up to these standards.

But not ShowBahis! Being one of the casino industry giants, ShowBahis offers everything you look for in a live casino and more. We offer the latest games of the biggest names in the industry, such as NetEnt, BetSoft, PlayTECH, Novomatic and Microgaming. Our collection also consists of online poker, online roulette and online blackjack games. Looking for a live casino? With professional partners, we offer live roulette, live blackjack, live poker and live texas hold em games. RedGambling is the place where technology meets with live casino games – come and enjoy your winnings.

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